Frequently Asked Questions


Does each learner need a separate license?

Yes. Our platform keeps track of each learners's progress and customizes lessons and reviews accordingly. It is far more fun and effective to do it as a group, so we offer additional family member licenses for $15. A family paying for a subscription of Natural World with 3 learners would only pay $79--which is about comparable to one textbook and workbook of a typical Latin curriculum. See Group Pricing for more information.

Are the online courses safe for a child?

Yes. These are entirely self-paced courses. Your child will have no contact with a live instructor or other students in the course. 

The Picta Dicta learning platform is a web application and requires a web browser. Parents are, of course, absolutely right to be concerned about giving a child access to the internet. So, we STRONGLY recommend using web restriction to only allow certain websites. By allowing in their settings, parents can ensure that their child cannot access anything other than what they have allowed.

Users of iOS and Android tablets may also download Picta Dicta to their homescreen. This allows a child to access the app without having to go through a browser directly. However, an internet connection is still required.

Do students learn grammar chants?

Our courses focus on vocabulary. There are abundant materials out there that focus on chants. These could be used very effectively in combination with our courses.

How much parental involvement is required?

For homeschoolers, Picta Dicta courses require very little instruction or help from parents. However, parents may need to spend a few minutes showing younger students how to use the program in the beginning. Also, for parents who wish to be more involved, we would encourage them to do the course along with their children and discuss what they are learning.

Are there discounts for families or co-ops?

Yes, we offer additional family member licenses for $15 each, as well as special pricing for schools and homeschool cooperatives. Click here to learn more.

Are there any written materials?

Writing things out by hand can be fantastic way to learn, so we have included with a subscription of Natural World a free downloadable workbook with puzzles for what they learn in our course.


Can I use Picta Dicta courses along with another Latin curriculum?

Yes. Most Latin courses focus on grammar; Picta Dicta courses focus on building vocabulary, so they work very well as a supplement to another course.

Will there be follow up courses in subsequent years?

Yes. We are already planning several more courses for the Grammar (Elementary), Logic (Jr. High), and Rhetoric (High School) levels. There will be courses appropriate for students studying Latin at any level.

Are Picta Dicta courses "Classical"?

Yes, they are. Picta Dicta courses are extremely well suited for students learning on the "Trivium" model advocated by Sayers and others. However, students learning on another  model will not find them any less useful!

Which course should my child take?

Younger elementary students should take Natural World. Older elementary students or jr. high students who are not taking a grammar course should take Natural World or Ancient World. Jr. High, high school, and college students taking a grammar course should use Vocabulary Builder.

Is an internet connection required?

Yes, the Picta Dicta app must have a connection to its server to work properly. However, the data being downloaded is not very large, so an unlimited data plan is not essential.